Buy Steam Games Cheaper Via VPN

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If you want to shop for really cheap games on Steam, you need a VPN service and all kinds of tricks. But there are also pitfalls and risks.

Cheaper Netflix, the latest movies on Amazon Prime Video - with a suitable VPN service, a few tricks are possible. With a little fiddling around, you can even bring the US streaming service HBO Max into your living room. The situation is similar with the Steam games platform. Because: The prices in the respective Steam Store differ from region to region.

In Argentina, for example, there are often price reductions of up to 85 percent in contrast to the German shop. Via VPN connection, you simply buy the game in Argentina. Virtual trips to the steam stores in Russia or Turkey can also be worthwhile. However, the whole thing always involves the risk of having your steam account blocked, so the following tricks should be used with caution. In the best case, create a second account to buy games at a low price.

To change the country in Steam via VPN
Theoretically, there are two ways to get your dream game at low prices: Either create a new user account with activated VPN or transfer your main account to a new shop region. But keep in mind that Steam might block you from using a VPN service. Why this is the case, see below. In that case, all the games you've bought so far would simply be gone. Therefore it makes more sense to create a new account directly in the region where you want to shop.

Currently there are cheap games available mainly in Argentina and Russia. In the next step, enter an address from the respective country to whose VPN server you are connected. Now you still need credit. The best way to do this is with a suitable credit card. You can get the corresponding cards with a credit balance between the equivalent of 10 Euro and 50 Euro from the relevant online shops in the - important! - respective national currency. Therefore you cannot buy a German credit card, these cannot be redeemed in other countries. When buying a prepaid card it says: Keep your eyes open! In the confusing reseller market there are many dubious providers. COMPUTER BILD therefore does not make any recommendations.

Steam VPN: Beware of account blocking
You can of course also transfer your main account to another shop region. Here you have to enter an address again, which is located in the country you are connected to via VPN. However, you must note that you may only change the country every 14 days due to a corresponding steam restriction. If you get an error message when trying to transfer your account that you cannot change the region, you have had bad luck - at least with the selected VPN server - and it is already over at this point.

If the change is successful, your existing credit will be converted into the currency of the country you are visiting - for example, Argentine pesos or Russian roubles. Finally, you can use the credit to buy and activate the games as normal at the offered conditions. In the check, however, the foreign purchase via VPN turned out to be a pure game of chance. User reports on the Internet also give a mixed picture. With some it works, with many however not.

Is it legal to buy Steam games with VPN?
No. You are not committing a crime, but you are violating Steam's terms of use. This is because the provider Valve, to which Steam belongs, expressly prohibits the use of VPN services in its terms of use for the sole purpose of shopping for cheaper games. The passage reads as follows: "You agree not to use IP proxying or any other method to disguise your place of residence, whether for the purpose of circumventing geographical restrictions on the content of games, for purchases at prices not applicable in your geographical location, or for any other purpose of such disguise.

If you breach this obligation, Valve is entitled to block access to your user account. Steam appears to log irregularities in connection with the user account and, at a certain point, to permanently block the account. It is unclear when exactly the point in time that the ban hammer will fall. But one thing is certain: If the account is blocked, the games and the credit are gone.