Create An Anonymous Email Account - This Is How It Works

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Many Internet users today wish to have an anonymous email account. We will show you here what you should bear in mind and how you can really protect your mails from unwelcome readers.

  • Create an anonymous email account - not so easy
  • An anonymous e-mail account is not only useful for illegal purposes: Many journalists, for example, wish to have an anonymous communication channel with their informants.
  • However, anonymous email accounts are not so easy to create. Because your used IP can almost always be used to find out who you are.
  • In the meantime, it's no longer possible to use the Tor Mail service. The FBI had access to this service as well. Thereupon the service was closed.
  • If you value anonymous communication, you should therefore avoid seemingly anonymous providers.

The really anonymous email communication

The best way to communicate anonymously and securely via email is to encrypt the email itself on your own computer. For this purpose you should use PGP encryption. We have created practical tips for you on how to use this under Thunderbird or Outlook.

The email account used for this purpose you create with false data at a freemail provider like GoogleMail or GMX. You can also surf the Tor network to hide your true identity. However, you will have to surf the Tor network every time you send and open your email program.

After all, it's not that easy to write truly anonymous email. However, if you just want to encrypt the contents of the emails, you should use PGP encryption.

You can send and receive your mail completely anonymously using the paid service Posteo. No data is collected during registration. All mails and other data are transmitted and stored in encrypted form on Posteo's servers, so it is not possible to hand them over to authorities. The mail service costs 1 Euro per month. You can send the money anonymously by letter to Berlin.

Receive and send mails via external e-mails

Free of charge and much faster you solve the problem via a disposable e-mail. These are mail addresses created in a few seconds, which you can use to receive and send messages relatively anonymously.

  • Depending on the provider, you can determine the mail address before the @ sign yourself, with some providers it is generated randomly. You will then be given access to your mailbox.
  • Here you can receive mails and with some providers you can also send mails. The mailbox is often deleted after a few hours. In the following practical tip you will find the best providers for disposable mail.
  • You yourself do not leave any personal data, but the messages are not sent encrypted and tracing by IP address is not impossible. Also note that the mail addresses are partially accessible to everyone, as no password is required for login.